Xerox Corporation
•    Designed an Ethics Training Workshop for delivery by line management
•    Designed, facilitate and program manage the Manager Development Program for first line managers
•    Designed and facilitate a TeleClass Series for individual contributors considering management
•    Designed and facilitate a Middle Management Leadership Program focused on Change and Step-Out Leadership

Siemens Corporation
•    Facilitator for Management 101 Training Class
•    Facilitator Coaching Skills Workshop for Management
•    Designed a Calibration Meetings Workshop for HR Professions
•    Facilitate various Teambuilding Sessions
•    Instructional Design Support
•    Program Management Support

DuPont Corporation
•    Designed and Facilitate workshops on Effective Communication and Creating a Great Place to Work
•    Instructional Design support for Marketing Competency

Villanova University
•    Coach for Executive MBA Program

George Mason University
•    Executive Coach for Faculty and Administrators
•    Facilitated various workshops and team building activities

GSI Commerce
•    Designed and Facilitate Manager Development Program

World Wide Retail Exchange
•    Designed and Facilitate Manager Development Program