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Last time I wrote about forgiving yourself, so you can move forward. Now I’d like to talk about the power of forgiving others (even before they ask you to forgive them).

The word FORGIVENESS, is not one we hear a lot in business. I believe it is an essential character trait in a LEADER – being forgiving.

Working with other people is fraught with mistakes, unkind words (slights), misunderstandings, and one-ups-manship (being taken advantage of). As a Leader we need to learn how to ‘right these wrongs’ so that we can move on and continue to work well with others.

prodigal-son-greek-1024x485 My faith – Christianity – teaches a radical approach to forgiveness. Our teaching is beautifully depicted in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The story is found in the Gospel of St. Luke 15:11-31.

A young man insisted his father give him his inheritance now. He took the money and ran (literally). After squandering his inheritance and finding himself wallowing in the mud with the pigs (what a symbol of his transgre[……]

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