Welcome to my blog!

It is focused on the “Know How” of being a great Leader-Manager – not just theory.  In it I draw on over 30 years of experience as a corporate manager, trainer, coach, facilitator, and consultant.

Who is this blog for?

My primary audience is new and experienced Leader-Managers working in the corporate setting. However, the ideas and skills I write about will also help any leader working to reach your goals through people and to bring out the best in others.

If you lead or manage others in almost any capacity this blog is for you!

I write on leadership, management skills, productivity, coaching, and career development.  My goal is to provide practical “Leader Know How” you can use daily in your job of leading and managing others.

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My Biography

I have worked in organizational and leadership development my entire career. I served as the Manager of Organization and Leadership Development at Xerox from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Following that I became the Managing Director of DuPont University. Besides Xerox and Dupont, I’ve worked with other major US and global corporations such as Siemens, Capital One, Mass Mutual, Astra-Zeneca, Freudenberg, and GSI Commerce. I have also served as a coach for major universities like Villanova University and George Mason University.

In my work with these organizations I was responsible for developing a corporate university, HR process measures, and development data systems. In addition, I developed programs in coaching, empowerment, work-life balance, diversity and leadership. I hold a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland and have my coaching certification through The Newfield Network.

I’ve been running my own Leadership Consulting practice for over 1o years.

My consulting work focuses on helping clients grow their management and leadership skills including

  • delivering honest and constructive feedback,
  • creating a work environment that enhances productivity and fun,
  • getting results through effective conversation – conversations to tackle tough issues, conversations that explore new ideas, and conversations that resolve conflicts between team members,
  • building teams where relationships among team members are strong, team goals are clear with extraordinary results, and
  • creating work-life strategies including career fit, time management, and a personal development plan.

To sum it up, my calling is to help you make a meaningful contribution at work as a great Leader-Manager.

My Contact Information

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